Direct-to-Card Drucker für den Einstieg in den Kartendruck.

United Access Leser

PC/SC Leser für Legic prime oder LF RFID Medien.


PIN Pad Lesegerät mit LCD Anzeige für den sicheren Signatureinsatz.

OMNIKEY® 4321 Mobile

ExpressCard™ 54 Leser für den mobilen Einsatz im Laptop.


PC/SC SIM Karten Leser von HID Global.

JCOP and NDEF Applet

Mi, 12/28/2016 - 13:23 -- united-access

JCOP can be configured to act as a NFC type 4 tag e.g. by using this applet:https://github.com/slomo/ndef-javacard .

Basically this works and the Android app TagWriter from NXP recognizes NDEF data and performs the expected actions. It is, however, impossible to delete the record, write or overwrite data with TagWriter. It seems this is by design to enable only DESfire, NTAG and Ultralight tags for this operation. If you use any other tool (like e.g. from SpringCard: https://www.springcard.com/en/download/find/file/pcsc-sdk) it works without problems.  Strange ...