PC/SC SIM card reader from HID Global.


Security module for time critical applications.

OMNIKEY® 4321 Mobile

ExpressCard™ 54 reader for mobile use with the laptop.


Compact direct-to-Card printer for desktop usage.

United Access PC/SC Reader

PC/SC Reader for Legic prime or LF RFID media.

PC/SC and Legic

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 09:08 -- united-access

Finally we can offer a solution to integrate Legic prime transponders via PC/SC into Windows applications. This gap has a long history - only proprietary solutions were available. United Access has closed this gap by offering a PC/SC desktop reader for Legic prime transponders. Via a transparent channel over T=1 protocol any reading command may be excuted - e.g. to read a coded number from a segment.
This solution gives application developers a standard interface for integration using a well known interface.